Saturday, November 24, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Rusty tractor newly coated

Burst of colors

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Auto Rikshaw in Rain -Sold

Green Fields -Sold

Bicycle and Banyan trees -Sold

Farmer in the fields- Sold

Paris streets series 3 -Sold

Farmhouse in Lake District, UK-Sold

Farmers kitchen- India series-SOLD

La Masion Rose-Sold

How can I get in there? -Sold

Hun, have you seen my keys?!- Sold

Where is the missing slice? -SOLD


Sunshine in the valley -Sold

A maroon car -Sold

Colorado fall colors on trail ridge road-Sold

A yellow boat reflections -Sold

Farmers family -Sold

Blue pot - Paris windows series-Sold

Farmer in paddy fields -Sold

Heading to the stars Sold

shy Indian girl -sold

The girl you once met at the airport-Sold

Paris streets series 2 -Sold

Paris streets series 1 -SOLD

Paris windows series 4-SOLD

Standing in front of the Queen of all paintings-SOLD

From the peaks of Peak District-SOLD

Old Friends-SOLD