Sunday, March 10, 2013

Farmers in Rice Fields

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Thinking of my dear Grand father for the past few days and felt like painting something which is very dear. This is from the village that I spent some very happy days of my life. Nothing can come in comparison to those warm summer nights spent with cousins and family, eating mangoes fresh from the farm, walks and bicycle ride with grandfather, climbing the trees !
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  1. Padmini Satish madam

    Very beautiful painting of rural indian life scene of indian farmers working on paddy fields. Madam your art work is very creative.

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  2. Just wanted to say thanks for signing up for my blog. I see you use the same "poor man's shadow box" as I do! So interesting to see your work!

  3. Hi ..I have an award for you..please collect from my blog.

  4. Hello Padmini, I have just discovered your lovely blog. You've captured so much atmosphere and a sense of place in this rice field painting. Beautiful work!